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Testimonies From Some Granny Has Helped

theres-no-testimony-without-the-testWorking great…gingko not only helps my brain fog but helps my tinnitus also, the St Johns Wort is much better than the antidepressants I was on and no side effects! Catnip and valerian help with sleep better than the sleeping pills did without being drowsy in the morning. I am very pleased with all these herbs. Erik P.

Valerian helps me with stress during the day and sleep at night and the milk thistle is actually helping my liver, which is badly damaged from prescription drugs and Tylenol. Kristina S.

Valerian, catnip, works great for stress and PTSD symptoms. Nissa L.

Stress formula working even better for PTSD, stress and sleep. Nissa L.

Valerian working great for sleep, going to try some other herbs for weight loss. Brigette M

All the herbs and supplements Tanya recommended to me worked wonders. I am a Korean War Vet who had many health problems that were not being resolved with prescription drugs. My once very high blood pressure is now normal, my cholesterol is normal, joint aches are a lot less than they were; my whole health and outlook on life is very much improved. I am very grateful she stayed on me about natural health means and I will never go back to prescription drugs again! Phil S.

I would like to tell everyone about the healing power of herbs, particularly Turmeric which has the active component Curcumin. My daughter, Sarah, has NBIA which is a condition where the brain absorbs too much iron and causes symptoms similar to autism, of which she was misdiagnosed until 2010. Tanya told me about Turmeric which I gave her; I then did an experiment to see if it was actually working and it was. When she does not take it her legs are very “movey” she is very jittery but when she takes it she is very calm. Here are links to studies on Curcumin and how it actually reverses brain damage. I am hopeful that it will eventually stop the damage all together as well. I am a firm believer in natural herbs that our Heavenly Father created of which nothing that man makes is better or as good.  Aletta D.

“After years struggling with health issues after my deployment to Iraq, and countless dollars spent attempting to find improvement – I had just about given up hope. Still, because I had faith in Tanya, I decided to give her products a try. I purchased her Adrenal Support formula after discussing my severe fatigue and pain with her. I knew there was a difference with her products as soon as I opened the bottle – immediately I smelled the fresh smell of herbs – this product helped me, not only with my fatigue but also with my pain which was not something I was expecting. I cannot recommend these natural, organic, fresh supplements enough, they have made an improvement in my quality of life.” ~ Mindy Pooler, USAF-R, Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom












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  1. I love the Master Tonic. It’s great for lots of things, especially the sinus! I like to take it all year to maintain a healthy immune response. I love the Black Walnut tincture for ridding parasites. It helps maintain intestinal health! I also use Sleep Support to helpe rest peacefully and get a good night’s rest.
    I consult with Mountain Granny for ALL health issues.

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