Mountain Granny's Detoxing/Cleansing Total Wellness Cleanse To Lose Weight and Cleanse Correctly

Total Wellness Cleanse To Lose Weight and Cleanse Correctly

What has helped me and those I have helped over the years more than anything, with not only getting back to and staying at my healthy weight but improving my overall health greatly, is detoxing or cleansing correctly, as it must be done in the correct order and long enough to remove all the toxins. It can sometimes take months, depending on how toxic your body is, to get all the toxins out and repeating some steps, otherwise the toxins are just displaced elsewhere in the body and it appears like the person is getting worse instead of better; this is also why typical weight loss plans do not work and the weight is gained back.

traditional dietWhat do toxins in the body have to do with weight loss?  The body protects itself from toxins naturally by surrounding the toxins with fatty tissue so the toxins do not harm the organs, when any fat is lost the toxins are then released into your system and get displaced in areas like muscles (thus why we have sore, achy muscles when not even doing anything), joints (same thing with the joints which also start breaking down causing arthritis), the brain (causing migraines and other headaches), organs (causing organ damage), etc. unless they are washed out properly. You can have these toxins trapped in fat cells without actually being overweight; many underweight people have toxins trapped in the few fat cells they have.

A total wellness cleanse of these toxins will not only help shed that extra fat but will not make you sick in the process but help you be totally healthy instead.

Also it is imperative to eat correctly, as organically as possible which does not cost as much as people think. Your diet needs to be at least 90% fruits and vegetables, of which at least 50% of those are raw. The best way to get these veggies at first, until the gut is totally healed and the immune system stronger is to juice, and yes you can get ALL the nutrients you need from strictly green juicing which is also part of cleansing your body so it can heal itself like it was designed to do. It also does not take a large amount of land to grow your own vegetables; there are a number of ways to grow a lot of vegetables on a small plot or in containers. Here is a group I started to help people start and continue to green juice for health with lots of great juice recipes and support; and the best part, it is totally FREE! Granny’s Juice Feast and Detox

High Protein FoodsI use to think I could not do without meat even a small amount every day until we took the plunge to eat vegan, that is no animal products, after eating that way since May 2013 I not only have less pain and more energy but do not get hungry as often nor do I get the occasional drops in sugar which would make me shaky and sick. I only eat 2- 3 meals a day with a snack of a handful of nuts or fruit once a day and drink about a gallon of water a day, especially when it is summer and I sweat a lot (another great way to get toxins out) when working in the yard and getting my daily Vitamin D. You CAN get all the protein you need from vegetables. You have to think back to the beginning when all man ate was plants or plant based foods and was healthier. Forget what you learned about “needing” meat and other harmful foods.

As you can see, it is very important to take care of the real reason you have trouble losing and keeping the extra weight off. Once you are properly cleansed you will be back to your healthy weight and stay there as long as you keep toxins out of your body.

Diseases and conditions related to being overweight include:

• Type II Diabetes – enlarged fat cells which then poorly bind and poorly respond to insulin.

• Asthma – more likely to develop asthma the heavier you are.

• Bone and Joint Disorders – excess pressure on hip, knee, and ankle joints.

• Heart Disease – increases in serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels

• Gall Bladder Stones – increased cholesterol content in bile

• Hypertension – the heavier you are, the harder the heart has to pump to circulate the blood.

• Various Cancers – estrogen produced by fat cells and excess energy intake may promote tumor development.

Is it really worth suffering anymore? If you’ve been struggling with excess weight for some time now, then you NEED to start doing something that is different than what you’ve been doing.


Be blessed!

Granny, MH, HHC





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