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Understanding, Not Fearing, Cancer Part 2

A major problem with our treatments is that they are utterly focused on the tumor itself; they pay little regard to what causes cancer. A tumor only appears after a problem has developed and has been there for many YEARS! The medical industry will try its best to remove the tumor, cut it out, shrink it, or even amputate entire body parts to get rid of it. The tumor is not the beginning and end of the problem; it is a symptom of something else that has gone very wrong in your body. Charlotte Gerson (The Gerson Institute) tells us in no uncertain terms that the tumor is simply the tip of the iceberg.  That is why even after a surgical tumor is removed, doctors will still put a person on chemotherapy, in a futile attempt to kill all of the remaining cancer cells.  This is because it is impossible to surgically remove all of the cancer. Surgery will simply remove a piece of it. The only thing capable of dealing with these cancer cells is your immune system. If your immune system is impaired and a single cancer cell escapes detection, it will set up for business and multiply.

An example of the growth of a tumor: cell mutation90 days- 2 cells

1 year- 16 cells

2 years- 256 cells

3 years- 4,096 cells

4 years- 65,536 cells

5 years- 1,048,576 cells

6 years- 16,777,216 cells

7 years- 268,435,456 cells

8 years- 4,294,967,296 cells

“Cancer” is only detected when there are 4 to 10 billion cancer cells present! Thus instead of mammography and other techniques being called ‘early detection’, they should be called, ‘late detection.’

Dr. John McDougall is someone who is also featured in Healing Cancer from Inside Out. He confirms that when a person is diagnosed with cancer they have already been living with the disease for an average of ten years. However, in most cases they are encouraged to take immediate action, rushed into making crucial decisions and panicked as if this is going to kill them any minute unless they act NOW!  Even though they would likely live another ten to twenty years if they receive no treatment at all! Don’t let this happen to you or anyone you love if you can possibly prevent it.  Watch Healing Cancer From Inside Out.

Chemotherapy treatment cannot kill off all cancer cells. There will always be some left that are resistant. These will survive the treatment and come back, usually more aggressively; that is when doctors tell you that you have “another type of cancer”. Charlotte Gerson informs us that eventually the cancer cells actually start to feed off the chemotherapy, after which the doctors will give the patient a different variation, although this will ultimately produce the same results.

According to Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute, “over 90% of cancer patients will have a recurrence of the cancer. This is because it doesn’t  matter where the tumor is located, by the time cancer has grown enough in order to be detected by any test, it has long since spread to other parts of your body.  And it will lurk there constantly growing until it again becomes visible.

This is a familiar story and one that we’ve all heard many times.  So and so has cancer removed by surgery, undergoes chemotherapy, only to discover cancer somewhere else in their body!

Healing Cancer From Inside Out strongly points out that there is no toxin or cocktail of toxins, i.e. chemotherapy, that can kill off all cancer cells. Only the immune system is capable of doing that.

Chemotherapy drugs are some of the most toxic substances ever to be used on human beings. Chemotherapy is so devastating to your body and immune system that people have been known to die from as little as a common cold. The majority of oncologists (who specialize in cancer) state that they themselves would not undergo chemotherapy, nor allow their family members to do so.

Professor T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study), discusses situations where patients die from chemotherapy within two weeks! Dr. Campbell goes on to describe how people are extremely vulnerable when they are diagnosed with cancer, and they are led by doctors who unwittingly or not, place them into the hands of an ineffective system of treatment that has the very real side effect of DEATH. They panic and do not do research of their own to learn real options of healing.

“…an estimated 4,000 to 9,000 woman died not from their cancer, but from the treatment.” Discover Magazine expose’ on bone marrow transplant surgery.

    “Remember there are worse things than death, one of them is chemotherapy.” Charles Huggins, M.D. Nobel Prize winner.

    “I will use treatment to help the sick. I will never use it to injure them or wrong them. I will not give poison to anyone. The Hippocratic Oath.

We have been led to believe that suffering is what HAS TO HAPPEN in order to survive cancer. This is not the truth.

Chemo side effects

Some of the MANY side effects of chemotherapy

Abdominal Cramps



Arterial Damage

Bone marrow destruction/failure

Brain shrinkage

Chromosomal lesions

Cumulative toxicity


Decreased white cell count

Destroys lining of intestines

Destroys mucous membranes

Difficulty absorbing food

Flu symptoms

Gastrointestinal bleeding

Hair loss

Hardening of veins

Heart damage

Hematological problems


Immune system damage

Impaired concentration

Impaired eyesight

Impaired hearing

Impaired language skills

Increased infections

Kidney damage

Liver lesions

Loss of appetite

Loss of taste

Lung damage



Neurological damage

Organ damage

Permanent disabilities

Psychological distress

Radiation burns

Radiation poisoning

Reproductive abnormalities

Secondary cancers

Severe dehydration

Severe diarrhea

Severe vomiting

Soreness of gums or throat





Weight loss

And the list goes on until the last side effect, TOXIC DEATH!

Some treatment huh?!

Then why is this the only thing doctors recommend? Why is this what 60% of patients try? The medical and pharmaceutical industries reap huge profits from the prolonged and expensive procedures and treatments. It is all about money, not your health! These days everyone is getting checked for cancer. It is thoroughly recommended by the entire medical industry. So we now have early detection, and early diagnosis and thus a better chance at keeping you alive for longer than five years so that they can call you ‘cured’! Having such an outrageous concept of “cured” is the only way to create the illusion that we are winning the war on cancer. In truth, untreated patients live as long as and longer than their treated counterparts!

    “Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it.” Allen Levin, M.D.

Thomas Lodi, M.D. (An Oasis of Healing) tells us: “those people who come to me without having any prior cancer treatment are the best subjects, their bodies and immune systems have not been napalmed by chemo and radiation and in many cases they have been living with the diagnosed cancer for a decade. In other words, conventional treatments only make a bad situation much worse.”

Read Part 3 of this 4 part article.

love and believe in yourself




Until next time,

Granny, MH, HHC


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