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Understanding, Not Fearing, Cancer Part 3

Another way we are fooled by the cancer industry is by the creation of what Mike Anderson calls “rubber numbers”. Hypothetically speaking, say there are 100 people in a medical trial of a new chemotherapy drug. Out of these hundred people you expect 2 to get cancer. However, after all the people were put on the drug, only 1 got cancer. Meaning the reduction in cancer was 1 out of 100 or 1 percent. This is the absolute benefit.

This is not a good recommendation for the drug at all especially since such a small result could easily have occurred by chance.  But remember, 2 people were expected to get cancer and only 1 did. Thus according to the ‘rubber numbers’ we suddenly have a 50 percent reduction in cancer from this new drug! This is the relative benefit, which magically turns the 1 percent absolute benefit into a 50 percent relative benefit. This is what they focus on in the statistics. By hiding the fact that only 1 percent of the people benefited from the drug (and even that may have been purely by chance) and that everyone suffered gross side effects including higher risks of developing more dis-ease, therefore we are instead to believe that this drug provides a 50 percent reduction in cancer! As Mike Anderson puts it; “Everyone suffered harm from the drug but 1 person may have been helped.” The real life example of this comes from a few years back when there was much excitement and reports in the news about a study claiming a 49 percent reduction in breast cancer in women who took the drug Tamoxifen for five years. In fact the 49 percent was a relative benefit. The absolute benefit was 1.5 percent, or 1.5 people out of 100 may have been helped by the drug Tamoxifen.

    “This drug is worse than a sugar pill placebo (remember, anything less than 30% efficacy is usually considered to be a placebo!), since unlike a sugar pill, it has nasty side effects and ‘is a rip roaring liver carcinogen.’” (Samuel Epstein, M.D.)

Healing Cancer from Inside Out provides more examples of how numbers are manipulated in order to make them appear positive. Patients are told that this or that drug will help them 46 percent of the time; they just trust the doctor and take his word for it that they are getting some benefit from the drug, even when they are not. This 46 percent benefit is a rubber number since what it really translates into is an extra month or two of life as opposed to those not on it. They pay for and endure the horrendous side effects, for an extra few days.

    “… a truthful account of the facts must be made available to the public… it will not be what they want to hear.” M. Maureen Roberts, Clinical Director Edinburgh Breast Cancer Screening Project.

Mammograms similarly use relative numbers to bolster their claims. The cancer industry will cite studies that 20 pemammogramsrcent of women undergoing regular mammograms live longer. This is another rubber number. The absolute benefit is less than 1 percent. The amount of extra days gained in a woman’s life by getting regular mammograms as opposed to those who don’t can be counted on one or two hands. Healing Cancer From Inside Out points out that “even this may be giving mammograms too much credit, since the women who get regular mammograms are usually more health conscious and thus healthier overall than those that don’t.” There is no real benefit from getting regular mammograms. It is not a safe procedure, it does not prevent breast cancer; it often fails to detect it and may cause the very cancer it is trying to detect!

    ”Screening for breast cancer with mammography is unjustified… there is no reliable evidence that screening decreases breast-cancer mortality.” The Lancet 2000; 355:129-134.

Most doctors really believe the information they give you. They have been equally deceived and are now passing the deception on to you. Dr. John McDougall has been in the industry for forty years and he states that the same treatments being used back then are still in use today with the addition of a few new drugs. McDougall states that it would be difficult for doctors to tell their patents that they can do nothing for them, that they have no treatment. Thus they continue to advise patients to proceed with the only method they know, that of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

     “We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain.” Glenn Warner, M.D.

     “Everybody but the patient is doing well in the cancer business.” Richard Ericson.

What made the allopathic doctors more formidable in the early 1900s was the backing of big business, which sensed money could be made from this industry. Chemical drugs, toxins, and devices can be patented and owned. Before this time people used plants, herbs and other natural means to heal sickness and stay well but plants and natural remedies are significantly harder to profit from. So the allopathic doctors set out to discredit these real healers and their practices, via the AMA-American Medical Association.

With vast financial backing; allopathic doctors were able to set curricula, regulations, graduation requirements, and licensing laws to favor allopathic methods which are still in effect today. They simply took over, not because they had better medicine, but because they had the right alliances and financial support. The AMA (American Medical Association) journal used profits from advertising tobacco and synthetic drugs to become the most profitable publication in the world.

We live in a Capitalist society and the medical industry has, as a result of this, become a game of profits first and real quality healthcare second if then. The cancer society is part of this money-grubbing field!

The most important lesson to be learned is that when it comes to your health; don’t expect big business to be looking out for your interests. The only one who can truly look out for your interests is YOU!

Anyone not “playing the game” with the allopathic doctors and the AMA was, and still is, quickly disposed of by ruining their reputations with slander or simply closing them down via the FDA, which is another crooked agency. Many promising cancer treatment centers have been forcefully shut down because they threatened the major players.

Max Gerson was one of the doctors who used nutrition to treat cancer. He had well documented successes and significant research. However, the then president of the AMA, Morris Fishbein, attacked Gerson publicly and used his powerful influence to stop any journals from publishing Gerson’s papers. The AMA published phony papers which disputed the finding of Dr. Max Gerson and in effect halted one of the earliest natural cancer cures. The Gerson clinic was forced to shut down and move to Mexico.  Gerson is only one of many this has happened to and continues to happen to.

    “I see in Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Albert Schweitzer, M.D. Nobel Prize winner, said after Dr. Gerson cured his type II diabetes and his wife’s tuberculosis after conventional treatments had failed.

 Healing Cancer From Inside Out shows us testimony from court cases and judgments where various legitimate natural remedies for cancer were unjustly vilified. The war against quackery was not intended to eliminate useless medical treatments, it was a war to eliminate competition and dominate the market place.

     “There have been many cancer cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed with Gestapo like thoroughness by the cancer establishment…” Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

     “If there is ever an organization that deserves a Congressional investigation for dishonesty and fraud it is the American Medical Association.” Chester A. Wilks, Chiropractor who sued the AMA and won.

     The National Cancer Institute, with enthusiastic support from the American Cancer Society…has effectively blocked funding for research and clinical trials on promising non-toxic alternative cancer drugs for decades….” Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.

     “They lie like scoundrels.” Dean Burk, Ph.D. regarding the American Cancer Society.  Dr. Burk was employed by the National Cancer Institute for 34 years.

 It is obvious that all the major players in the cancer and medical industry are as guilty as the next. Too much money is involved and there is so much future financial potential that all interested parties have long since decided to fight to the death, YOUR death that is. The very people who are meant to be curing cancer are the ones who are profiting from people getting cancer.

     “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is largely controlled by the orthodox medical profession…and the industries which the FDA was set up to regulate.” Miles Robinson, M.D. Head of a congressional committee investigating allegations of a conspiracy to suppress alternate therapies.

FDA in bed with drug companiesThe FDA is in effect simply the enforcement arm of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Its guidelines are set by the industries it is meant to regulate. The result is that it serves industry and does not protect the public as stipulated in its mandate. An example of this is the regulation that “only a drug can cure, prevent or treat a disease” thus natural remedies cannot cure any disease. The opposite it true however! The FDA can and will shut down any establishment that claims a natural substance is capable of curing a disease! Remember that this is simply the result of allopathic medicine combined with corporate interests. Healing Cancer From Inside Out  says “each patient is worth an average of 500,000 U.S dollars to the industry.” The patient is turned into a long-term profit center. There are laws in the U.S. that specifically criminalize the treatment of cancer by anything other than radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. Any practitioner who dares to do such a thing will lose his license, go to jail, and pay a ten thousand dollar fine, run out of the country or worse. KILLED!

Does living longer cause us to get cancer as the conventional medical “experts “say? Healing Cancer From Inside Out gives us the example of the people from Okinawa Japan. Their elderly have very little instances of cancer. Although, as soon as they adopt an American lifestyle and diet they get the same cancers and other related illnesses as the rest of us do. Another conventional reason for our high cancer rates highlighted in Healing Cancer From Inside Out is that of environmental pollution.  However, this does not explain why the people of Okinawa rarely get cancer, as they live in some of the most polluted areas around. Though it is important to realize that environmental factors can cause cancer (about 5% of cases), it must be understood that this is not the deciding factor.

Medical radiation and genetics similarly take home very low scores with regard to causing cancer. What we are inheriting from our families is not bad genetics but bad eating habits! Bad genes do not necessarily become active on their own. They have to have the right environment for them to wake up and cause some problems. Bad diet and lifestyle can provide those malicious genes with the wake-up call they need.

Dr. John McDougall states that “it is the lifestyle and eating habits that bring out whatever genetic tendencies we have. Eating rich foods, drinking alcohol and smoking will set up the conditions where a person will soon find out what their genetic weaknesses are.” Healing Cancer From Inside Out says “if they never lived the lifestyle they would never find out what genetic weaknesses they have!” Populations living mainly on a plant-based diet do not experience the common cancers that run rampant in western society today.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Professor of Biochemistry and author of The China Study) states that we all have bad genes, capable of causing illness. However, the journey from simply having a bad gene or a tendency for a certain disease to actually having the disease is a long one.

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I will see YOU on the road to natural and vibrant health! waterfall


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