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Herbs Vs Pharma Drugs

Man-made drugs have harmful side effects because they are toxic foreign substances that interfere with the body’s normal way of functioning in order to control or suppress a symptom of an illness. They cover up or cause the body not to notice the problem. They do not repair it. That’s why man-made drugs have a list of side effects that are most times worst than the symptoms they are covering up. This works well with mankind’s “want it now” attitude. Herbs, on the other hand, are entirely natural substances (foods) that were designed specifically for our bodies. They work with the body, encouraging and supporting its natural processes and supplying it with what it needs to correct the cause of illness and heal itself. This is why herbs do not have the side effects as drugs and why it often takes longer to feel results with herbs than with drugs. It takes longer to heal a problem permanently than to simply ignore it or cover it up.

Man-made Drugs Harm; Herbs Help Heal         

The effects of herbs are very different from those of drugs because their mode of action, the way they work, is different. Healing herbs, when used with prudence and skill, will never have ANY harmful or damaging side effects of any kind, regardless of whether they are taken in combination with other herbs or not. Your body has the ability to take only the parts of herbs and foods that it needs and discard the rest. It cannot do this with synthetic chemicals and drugs; they are absorbed according to how much you take, rather than how much you need. Herbs also contain many nutrients to help your body build, repair, and strengthen itself so it can defend itself against disease. There is no synthetic chemical drug anywhere that does this. So don’t worry about taking formulas with several herbs. Herbs are foods, and saying that herbs are harmful in combination, when they are not harmful alone, is like saying that people should not eat salads because combining cucumbers and lettuce with bell peppers might produce harmful side effects.

Which One Interfers With The Other?       

Drugs can interact harmfully with each other and sometimes with various herbs and foods, but herbs will not interact harmfully with any other herbs or with live, natural, foods. So, when a man-made drug says that herbs will interact unpleasantly and cause side effects, the correct wording should be that the man-made drug could cause side effects when used with herbs. Herbs are NOT drugs, they do not operate in the same way, and they do not produce the same kind of effects or side effects. The worst thing that can happen to you if you overdose on an herb that I, or another good herbalist recommends, is that you would do a little vomiting. That’s the worst case scenario and it’s nature’s way of making sure that you don’t get too much of the herb at once. How awesome is that!? A medicine with a built-in protection mechanism against overdose! No drug can do that!

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