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Why Not To Exceed Recommended Dosage Of Herbs

Everything that is absorbed into the body affects the nervous system in one way or another. The nervous system is divided between the sympathetic and parasympathetic. In most people, about 90% of the population, the sympathetic nervous system is dominant most of the time. Some people however are parasympathetic dominant. Just as most people are right-handed, but some are left-handed. Unlike right or left handed though, there are times when a person that is sympathetic dominant can be parasympathetic dominant and vice versa. If a person is parasympathetic dominant, some herbs will actually cause the opposite effect than that which is usually observed. For example, coffee for most people wakes them up. For the parasympathetic dominant person however, it makes them sleepy.

The Ever Changing Human Body

A person who is parasympathetic dominant can have times when they are sympathetic dominate instead; so at that instance, coffee will have no effect or slightly raise blood pressure causing one to feel more awake. Then if they drink two or more, thinking the coffee will really wake them up, it makes them sleepy. This person might feel a little more awake in the morning by drinking a cup of coffee, however if this same person is driving all night when they are used to being up all day, that same cup of coffee may cause the person to become sleepy.

You Are More Unique Than You Know

Most companies base their dosage amounts on a person whose nervous system is sympathetic dominant, since that is 90% of the population. This dosage will work for almost anyone no matter which system is dominant. However, sometimes we think it does not work fast enough or that it does not last long enough. When one of these thoughts crosses our minds, we tend to say to ourselves, “Well, if three capsules a day will do this good them nine pills will be even better.” Although this will work for some people, it is not always true.

Balancing Act

Herbs have a balancing effect on the body. Synthetic man-made drugs do not balance your system. They will continue to build up in your system until it has no more to absorb or until your system is overloaded and the body shuts down. With herbs constantly balancing your system, the body will not absorb more than it needs or can process at one time, and will flush out what ever of the herb it does not need. However, because of the reasons listed above, it could have the opposite affect as it is doing this.

Just For You

With that in mind, you should know that every person is different in what needs balancing and which part of the nervous system is in control at the time. If a certain herb is the best for you and you try to hurry the process, and change your dosage before it’s time, you may find that it quits working for you or seems to cause the reverse of the desired effect. It is best to stick with the recommended dosage. You can make adjustments only after you journal your experiences with the recommended dosage. Continue to journal your adjustments in dosage so you and your herbalist or naturopath can decide when it is time to change. Journaling your experiences would be good to do even if you don’t start by filling out a questionnaire. If you are taking herbs without having filled out a questionnaire, which is part of the one-on-one consultation with our herbalist, and especially if you have noticed some reverse effects with some things, do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Answering the questionnaire in detail will tell us what dosages should be effective for your body.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help everyone get their system back to where the body heals itself, as it is meant to do. Herbs provide what the body needs to heal itself. This takes time. As it took time for you to get sick, it will take time for you to heal properly. Most people have the mindset of “I want it now!” That is why the synthetic man-made drugss are so popular. Synthetic man-made drugs cover up the issue, where your mind does not recognize the problem is still there. This causes the next problem, because the synthetic man-made drugs do not heal you. This tricking of the mind not to recognize the symptoms of the problem also slows down the body’s efforts to heal itself. Yes, we could make more money just selling you more than you need or herbs that won’t help you, but again, our goal is to help your body heal itself.

Very Important Reminder

Once again, please, do not exceed the recommended dosage, as taking more than recommended could negate its benefits or cause the opposite of desired effects.

I will see you on the road to vibrant health!





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